What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is considered the World’s oldest Spiritual Practice but is more accurately described as a way of life and a path of direct revelation. Many anthropologists believe the practice dates back over 100,000 years. The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and it means ‘spiritual healer’, ‘medicine person’, ‘one who sees in the dark’ or ‘keeper of the fire’. It refers to a person who is able to experience altered states of consciousness and travel to other invisible spiritual realms, interact with helpful benevolent Spirits to bring deep healing, balance, guidance and a greater understanding of one’s soul journey. At its core Shamanism is a path of service that honours the Spirit and interconnectedness of all existence including: human beings, Mother Earth, plants, animals, the elements, celestial beings and our magnificent cosmos. Shamanism has been practiced all over the world including Siberia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland and North and South America.

How Can Shamanic Healing Help Me?

Although we may experience illness, trauma, disharmony and imbalances physically, emotionally or mentally shamans look for any underlying issues at the level of our spirit and our soul. In a healing, I journey to the source of the illness, trauma or disharmony in the spirit realm and effect a change in the invisible world so that healing can occur here. This means that I am bringing power back from the spirit world to put it where it belongs in the physical world, or removing energy from the physical world and returning it to where it belongs in the spirit world. This will occasionally include assessing your living space or your work space.
Unlike traditional therapy and counselling Shamanic practices focus on the mysterious language of the soul which is deeply routed in images, archetypes, symbols and intuition.
The three primary causes of illness or trauma from a Shamanic perspective include:
A loss of power, soul loss, a spiritual intrusion or a combination of all three.
These core spiritual imbalances at the soul level can often present as the following:
Repeated Negative Experiences
Family or Generational Patterns
Relationship/Financial Issues
Physical or Emotional Illness
Intrusive Energies
Depression/Anxiety/Mental Illness
Unresolved Traumas




Your Shamanic Healing Session May Include:

Divination – Consulting the Spirit World for guidance/personal information on your behalf
Shamanic Journeys  – Journeying on your behalf with power animals and spirit guides
Sacred Dance – Accessing connection to Spirit through movement journeys
Dream Analysis – Looking at the messages that you receive during sleep and while awake
Power Animal Retrieval – Reconnecting and restoring your spiritual power
Shamanic Extraction – Removal of spiritual intrusions or energies that do not belong
Soul Retrieval – Tracking and reintegrating your soul parts that have departed
Shamanic Vibrational Healing – Allowing the healing power of spirits to pass through the drum/rattle
Passing on of Power  – From the helping spirits to you
Ancestral Healing  – Working to heal your ancestral lines or lineages
Psychopomp Work – Helping/guiding souls who have passed
Ceremonies –  Tailored and performed specifically to your situation




What Changes Can I Expect?

As working with our soul and spirit can be very powerful and have a profound impact on the individual, I have found that many people benefit from having Reiki or Coaching sessions in conjunction to the Shamanic Healing. This is primarily because, for many of us, the true healing happens post treatment, during the integration process of our daily living. Each of us responds uniquely to these changes – my support can be truly invaluable in navigating these experience, processing and clearing old emotions, implementing new behaviours and using any of your gifts that are unlocked in order to create sustainable positive change in your life.
Each of us is beautifully unique and our dedication to our personal growth and healing journey bring the true gifts of working with our whole being and we begin to experience shifts both subtle and powerful including:
Release of Restrictive Patterns
Perceptual Shifts, Direction, Clarity
More Energy, Harmony and Wellbeing
More Connection to Nature and All Life
Deep Healing
Awakened Soul Purpose