I’m Jen and I’m thrilled that you have arrived at my virtual doorstep!

I am a Visionary Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuitive and Empath. My passion is helping individuals bring Sacredness and Spirit to their personal healing and professional lives, relationships and creative endeavours so that they can experience their Authentic Self, access the magic of their unique gifts and live a miraculous life they love!
As an Intuitive and Shamanic Practitioner I navigate between the Visible and Invisible World to support people at different phases along their journey. Through ceremony with the help of many compassionate Helping Spirits I connect to the Soul to remove intrusive blockages/energies and track imprints/contracts that shift individuals into a more coherent vibration and help them reconnect to their personal power, truth and intuitive guidance. I work with people from all walks of life to release trauma, addictions, restrictive beliefs and lifestyles, create healthy relationships, experience profound healing, uncover intuitive gifts and abilities, deepen their connection to the Sacred and remember their Soul’s purpose.
In my coaching practice we dive deep into the root of your challenges and help guide you to re-script them into a tapestry of wholeness, abundance and empowerment. Our body and soul have extraordinary self-healing capacities – given the right support – and with our commitment can direct us to what we need most for optimal harmony. When our Spirit is healthy and our Soul is happy we begin to remember who we are; we open ourselves to true Wholeness and possibility in all areas of our life including our physical, mental and emotional well being, our relationships, our financial and career success and our dreams and aspirations – we begin to feel joyful, at peace and aligned with the flow of our life.
I utilize a unique synthesis of Ancient and Modern modalities that I have been studying and practicing for over 10 years which have powerfully shaped my journey: Shamanic, Mystical and Earth Based Wisdom Traditions from around the World, Energy Medicine, Holistic Health and Nutrition, Yoga, Psychology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Retraining, Meditation, Divination and Ceremony. I received my Bachelor Degree of Science from the University of Toronto in Neuroscience and Psychology in 2006. I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Healing System and channel this Universal love energy to help expedite healing and recovery, alleviate stress, process thoughts and emotions and integrate changes deeply. I have studied Core Shamanism at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Glenn Campbell and trained in Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Divination, Dreamwork and Psychopomp. I have also had the blessing to travel around the World and participate in Ceremonies, Healings and Teachings from many Wisdom Traditions.
In 2015 I launched Sacred Inspirations to unite our Global Community to help support and accelerate our Personal and Collective Healing, Learning and Empowerment because:
*We are stronger together!
*We need more compassionate Sacred Spaces where we can be ourselves, share, learn, heal and create the magnificent lives that our hearts and our Earth are longing for – these changes must come from within us – not our governments or politicians
* Every mystical and Ancient Wisdom tradition teaches us that we are remarkable multi-dimensional Light Beings temporarily inhabiting extraordinary Physical Bodies, that we exist in a conscious vibrational universe and have the capacity to co-create miracles
* As we remember and embrace our Authentic Self we begin to tap into our extra-ordinary gifts and creative potentials limited only by what we believe
*Our personal journey to wholeness contains the necessary power to raise our collective consciousness towards healing, love, peace and beauty – that means EACH OF US has a profound impact on our Universe and we are here to use our unique gifts to take care of each other and our Planet!
*Our Mother Earth is right in the middle of a great Cosmic Shift – NOW is the time to bring our deepest dreams, goals and aspirations to fruition! What an incredible time to be alive!
In 2016, I helped organize a 100% volunteer orchestrated Farm to Table event (Feast of the Ages). In the process I realized I was being guided to create a Celebration for Peace on Earth (Feast for Peace). With the help of remarkable volunteers from my community over 300 participants gathered at the gorgeous Farmhouse Garden – a Biodynamic Farm in Uxbridge, Ontario (now an animal sanctuary)! The experience was an unbelievable confirmation for me – we have everything we need to create Peace together because we hold the Imaginal Cells of our Planet’s destiny!
Since I was a little girl I felt deeply connected to Spirit, to my Soul and the mysteries of our Universe. My passion for sacredness, wellness and conscious living have strongly shaped by journey and I have dedicated myself to my own healing work and the study and practices that embrace our mind-body-spirit connections and their effects on our world at large. At 22 I answered the call of Spirit and my life course and I were forever transformed. My struggle to stay grounded and bridge my Empathic gifts and mystical experiences with that of our physical, conditioned, conventional modern life sparked my love for assisting other Sensitives, Intuitives, Empaths, Healers and Conscious Seekers transverse this delicate area on their return to wholeness.
I truly believe that our deepest learning comes from our personal healing journey. Mine has been a magnificent and arduous roller coaster ride –  physiological and structural issues, chronic illness and accidents, PTSD, depression, anxiety and near loss of life – but it has also brought me to mystical reverie, deep silence and peace, ecstacy of mind shattering proportions, surrender to Spirit and oneness with all that is. Bridging this darkness and light, spirit and matter, mind and soul were my portal into profound growth, opened my heart to deeper love, compassion and acceptance and helped me remember who I am.  These experiences fuel my passion for guiding others to recognize and work with their Divinity, their Sacred path and their unique gifts. Our lifelong coping patterns, traumas and limiting beliefs of separation continue to inspire me to help individuals honour their whole journey – their vulnerability and their strength, their in-authenticities and truths, their blessings and challenges; so they too can remember their true self, step into their full power, follow their heart and consciously co-create with Spirit.
I feel blessed and humbled to be able to share my continued learnings to assist the beautiful beings of this Earth transform pain, suffering and confusion into clarity, vitality, joy and purpose. When we are willing to enter the mystery and embrace who we are it is incredible how the entire Universe opens up to support us.
I am immensely excited to embark on this beautiful journey with you!

With Deep Love and Gratitude,

Jen Samoiliouk


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