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Sacred Inspirations was born out of love with a mission to co-create Peace on Earth. During these incredible changing times Sacred Inspirations is here to unite our Global Community and help support, navigate and accelerate our collective healing and learning.

Each of us is needed to inspire those around us towards heart-based action, immense joy, unconditional love and unbridled peace. By stepping into our full power and allowing the expression of our authentic selves we elevate our consciousness to serve the greater good, nurture our life purpose and create a world that we can be proud to call home.

If you are yearning to move beyond your conditioned limitations towards your deepest potential – to your profound healing, success and abundance then you are in the right place!

When we listen to the wisdom of our Body, Heart and Soul and connect to Spirit and Nature we remember our true essence and begin to thrive! Embarking on this powerful journey will lead you to move beyond limiting beliefs, old patterns and addictions; to uncover your innate gifts and abilities and reveal the light that exists within each of us.

Sacredness does not belong to any religious affiliation, group or tradition – it is our inherent birthright – the very fabric of who we are! When we lose sight of our true nature our Divine Universe always seeks to find a way to restore us and in the process elevate our being to a more authentic understanding of our journey.

Through our PERSONAL commitment to our healing, growth and empowerment we are in effect healing ALL OF US – for we recognize that we have a powerful impact on everything and everyone around us and co-create the world we experience.

Let’s Make Miracles Happen Together!

May you live knowing that you are sacred and valuable beyond measure!

With Deep Love and Gratitude 



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The Shaman’s Altar

April 2018

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore your Shamanic Path, receive practical training in Energetic Shamanism and become a Mesa Carrier!





Sacred Inspirations is dedicated to bringing powerful consciousness rising, healing and transformative events to our Local and Global Community